Meet the Artists

Gallery B is a contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of Ocala, Florida. Permanently featuring paintings by distinguished and award winning artists, Bobbie Deuell, Carlynne Hershberger, Sandy Sanders, Julie Shealy, and Cheryl Ritter. We also exhibit works by local artists such as Garett Boutwell. These artists are diverse and unique, covering everything from landscapes to still life. Gallery B artists exhibit artwork for which we hope you feel an emotional connection, we hope to engage the senses of art lovers and introduce collectors to exhilarating new works.

Bobbie Deuell

Oil on Canvas

Carlynne Hershberger

Carlynne works primarily in acrylic on canvas for her landscapes and bird nest series. She also loves texture so will sometimes include elements such as handmade papers and texture mediums.

Cheryl Ritter

Oil on Canvas

Sandy Sanders


Julie Shealy

Oil on Canvas