Julie Shealy

Creating a visual experience is my inspiration for painting.  I am deeply inspired by color creating expressions through shape and texture. As a painter of flowers, I try to share how they look as much as how they make you feel. As I explore other subjects, figures, landscapes and buildings, I try to capture how they relate to the environment using color, shape and texture. Read More.

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Biography Continued

Most of my paintings are created with oil. I find the richness and depth of color found with the mixing of pigments is unmatched. Creating the right composition for each subject is just as important. The viewer needs to be actively involved in viewing the painting and this comes with a creative composition. 

I have been very fortunate to include many distinguished mentors in my journey as an artist.  I am most influenced by Richard Schmid, Vincent Van Gogh, Elizabeth Robbins, and Nancy Tankersly. Each of my work has a combination of their unique styles. Locally I have enjoyed the companionship and mentorship of Margaret Watts and Carlynne Hershberger. 

Two of my paintings have been selected to be included in the Marion County Courthouse Gallery. I am honored that one of my first paintings purchased now hangs in the lobby of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN. 

Locally my work is exclusively found at Gallery B Art Collective. Gallery B is also my teaching studio. As a former educator I enjoy sharing my love for painting with others every week. Come explore the joy of creating with me!